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Currently in action sports photography, filmmakers are limited to a focus mode called infinite focus. This limits creative capability and a filmmaker's ability to communicate things like speed and importance to a viewer. The current solution to this problem is having a secondary camera operator manually focus the camera using a remote that is commonly known as follow focus. But this method is limited to the vision and reaction time of the operator.

This project aims to eliminate the need for a secondary operator and increase the speed of the feedback loop for the focusing system by automating it using RF time of flight measurements between a device worn by the subject and a device mounted to the camera.


Fall - The early part of fall term was spent getting aquatinted with our client, defining the scope of the project, and nailing down specific engineering requirements. Next, we created block diagram and delegated tasks among the group. We made initial design choices, such as using the DWM1001 Ultra Wideband (UWB) module. We had a working anchor board designed and in hand by the end of the term.

Winter - With most of the design process out of the way, the focus shifted to implementation. The tag board was designed and ordered, and a motor was selected to interface with the camera. By the end of the term, we had completed the hardware part of the system and had a rough draft of the firmware.

Spring - Although lab access was lost in the spring, we weren't impacted too seriously as we already had a working draft of the system. Aside from finalizing the firmware, we worked on project presentation and technical documentation, culminating in a demonstration to our client and the Oregon State Senior Design Expo.

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Chelsea Starr
Jordan Baxter
Suyang Liu
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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Undergraduate Project
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Final Presentation
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