Project Description: 

TekBox is an Internet of Things (IoT) reconfigurable locker system, similar to Amazon Lockers, but for the TekBots Store at Oregon State University. The store is student-run, and relies on student availability for store hours. TekBox extends order pickup availability by allowing store workers to load lockers with orders for later pickup by customers, with no interaction needed between customers and store workers. Items can be purchased on the TekBots Store website, and picked up by customers after they have been verified with ONID single sign-on, and Duo two-factor authentication. The system may be administered using a web browser, or the native iOS app.

System Components:
  • Rechargeable Locker Units: Rechargeable solenoid locks with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for the back of every locker door
    • Technologies: ESP32 microcontroller, lithium-polymer battery, solenoid lock, reed switch, USB-C
  • Web Server: Connects locker units, database, and administrative/customer apps
    • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, CAS authentication, HTTPS
  • iOS App: Native app for locker setup, offline access, and system administration
    • Technologies: SwiftUI, URLRequest, Core Bluetooth, Valet
  • TekBox Dashboard: System administration web app
  • TekBox Access: Customer-facing web app for order pickup
  • Offline Access: During setup, a user may add a locker unit to one of their locations, and save an offline key to their iOS device. If a locker is unable to connect to the server, it will allow lock/unlock/restart commands to be sent via Bluetooth from an iOS device with the proper offline key.
  • Tampering Notifications: Each locker unit uses a reed switch to detect when a locker door opens. If a locker door opens while locked, a notification is sent to location administrators via email.
  • Modularity: Locker units are wireless and rechargeable, enabling custom layouts and operation in unconventional environments.

Project artifacts and team info are available via the Project Website links. Additional context, details, and demos are available in the Project Summary video.

Project Team Member(s): 
Anson Davis
Andrew Leichner
Erik Nordlund
College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Undergraduate Project
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Project Summary Video
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