Project Description: 

At 328,084 feet, the Karman Line separates the earth from space, pilots from astronauts, and a rocket from a spacecraft. The Oregon State AIAA Hybrid Rocket Team seeks to break this barrier and be the first collegiate team to do so. To this end, OSU Hybrid was successful in launching a student designed and built rocket last year from scratch – the first OSU team to do so in three years. With university-wide backing, support from alumni and local businesses, and relentless energy from the team, OSU Hybrid will build one of the most advanced collegiate rockets in the country. The motor, plumbing and control systems will serve as the foundation of the rocket which will reach the Karman Line, perhaps as soon as 2021. Reaching space will be a massive undertaking and necessitates significant expansion of the hybrid program. To do this, the team will need to demonstrate the feasibility of the project and prove the team’s competence and technical expertise in advanced experimental rocketry. 

Project Team Member(s): 
William Coleman
Kyle Magness
Damian Manning - Henseler
Sonny Le
Richard Smith
Thomas Prihoda
Quinn Handley
Justin Smith
Sam Wurtz
Stephen Hubert
Gray Johnson
Cailin Moore
Azara Tilt
Fernando de la Fuente
Kevin Daellenbach
Liam Brinton
Nick Mitchell
Taylor Herndon
College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
Undergraduate Project
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