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MyEventBoard is an internal scheduling solution developed specifically for Oregon State University. Currently, there is a lack of a single scheduling solution, as people use a variety of third party scheduling tools to fit their needs. This ultimately creates inconvenience and confusion for those who have reservations across different platforms. MyEventBoard is an application that solves this problem. Users can create events and any number of timeslots that they would like people to sign up for. Users can also reserve a slot for the event. An example use case of this application would be the CS16X grading demos. TAs and students would benefit from a single scheduling solution that only requires their ONID.




  • Tommy Liao is the lead front end developer for MyEventBoard. He is currently a fourth year student here at Oregon State studying computer science (Systems option). Throughout his time at OSU, Tommy has developed multiple websites and looks forward to applying all the skills he has learned in the field. 
  • Simon Louie is the full stack developer for MyEventBoard, working on the front end, back end, and everything in between. Throughout development, he focused primarily on design and implementation of MyEventBoard's core features. Simon is also studying computer science with an applied option in simulation and game development. Outside of academics, Simon enjoys working on small web applications and dabbles in game development. 
  • Blaise Takushi is the lead back end/database administrator for MyEventBoard. He was responsible for all back end operations, database maintenance, and ensuring data persistence. He is majoring in computer science with an applied option in business and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis in backend/API development. In his spare time, Blaise is an avid golfer, basketball player, sports fan, and photographer.
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Tommy Liao
Simon Louie
Blaise Takushi
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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Undergraduate Project
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