3d model of the current enclosure
Project Description: 

What is Medivacc?

People with diabetes rely on insulin to stay alive, but most people don't know that the small insulin vials can go bad in warm weather in as little as 6 hours. 2 years ago, Medivacc was formed in order to provide freedom and security for people with diabetes. Most portable insulin coolers only keep a safe temperature for under a day, are incredibly expensive, or immobile. The goal was to design a portable, long-lasting insulin storage device that could break the tether between people with diabetes and their refrigerator. Our solution is a lunch-box sized hybrid cooling container that could keep everything a diabetic would need for over a week. As a business owned fully by Oregon State Students, Medivacc has participated and won half a dozen competitions based on our business model, prototype, and research. By using a modular, insulated design with passive and active cooling, the prototype can reach much higher efficiencies than any other portable insulin cooler on the market.

The Project

Medivacc approached a capstone team from the EECS department to further increase the power efficiency and create a more robust prototype. There were 12 requirements given:

  1. The system must be small.
  2. The system must be low cost.
  3. The system must be long lasting.
  4. The system must be able to track power usage.
  5. The system must be re-usable.
  6. The system must be unique
  7. The system must be controllable.
  8. The system must be light weight.
  9. The system must be able to keep cool.
  10. The system must have storage for at least two vials of insulin.
  11. The system must be unique.
  12. The system will be insulated.

By the end of the capstone program (and factoring for COVID-19 disruptions), all 12 requirements were sufficiently completed in the eyes of the client.

Project Team Member(s): 
Noah Hoffman
WeiHao Kuang
Benjamin Golden
College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Undergraduate Project
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Medivacc Technical Project Summary
Medivacc Business Pitch
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Medivacc LLC
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