Project Description: 

The goal of High Altitude Rocket Team (H.A.R.T) is to design, build and launch a two-stage rocket to reach the highest possible altitude. This year, our team set a goal of 15000 feet. Our ECE Sub team is mainly be responsible for providing technical support with electronics to the H.A.R.T. There are two main design goals for our ECE Sub team:

  • Goal 1: Design, build and test an on board avionics bay that records and transmits motor pressure data.
  • Goal 2: Design, build and test the new Rocket Launch system that can allow H.A.R.T members to launch the rocket from 2 miles away.
Project Team Member(s): 
Ian Bunch
Dylan Oster
Yuan Situ
Haoxiang Wang
College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Undergraduate Project
Project ID: