Going Rogue Model
Project Description: 

Our Going Rogue Model, designed exclusively for Going Rogue Design, is a proprietary online construction project management system. 

Designed for desktop web, iOS, and Android mobile devices, the goal of this system is to increase business productivity, improve operation efficiency, and establish a modern and direct method of customer communication.

New customers to Going Rogue Design can create accounts, establish projects, supervise tasks, monitor sub-contracted teams, and track invoices all in one system. Project managers and laborers can even provide real-time updates to each other on-site. An additional team of technical administrators will be employed by Going Rogue Design to assist customers directly in day to day operations, such as linking shared drives and answering questions.

Built using freely available software, the Going Rogue Model was designed in ReactJS for web, Swift for iOS, Java for Android, and uses Google Firebase as the backend and API. All operations can be performed asynchronously, and user account information is stored securely using Google Firestore.

The system is designed to work with customers of different experience levels, and projects of varying scales. Here's an example of how the service works:

1) A customer approaches Going Rogue Design with an idea for a residential or commercial land development project. 

2) The Going Rogue Model is employed effectively as a project database where documents, photos, invoices, and tasks can be stored and updated as needed. 

3) Going Rogue Design works directly with the customer as project develops, paperwork and permits are obtained, contracted teams are brought in, task lists are created, and material orders are made. The technical support team assists the customer in answering questions and updating statuses through to completion.

Because of its low upfront cost, flexibility across platforms, and methodical cataloging, the Going Rogue Model is the perfect modern solution for any development project at Going Rogue Design.

Project Team Member(s): 
Cheng Qing Lim
Dianxiong Zhang
Yuanjun Zhang
Hao Deng
Shize Yuan
Robert Hudspeth
College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Undergraduate Project
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The video demonstrate the Going Rogue Model iOS system
The video demonstrate the Going Rogue Model web system
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eBay Inc
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