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This project is part of the Global Formula Racing Team (GFR) which is a collaboration between students at OSU and students at DHBW-Ravensburg in Germany. GFR competes in Formula SAE competitions in the US and Europe. The GFR team has designed and is building two electric cars this year, both able to convert to autonomous form. As the computer science sub-team, our purpose is to design and improve software that will win the driverless competitions this summer.

Mapping, localization, and boundary estimation is part of this autonomous sub-team of GFR. To win, our car must be able to (1) navigate a course without any prior knowledge, (2) identify the cones marking the track, and (3) estimate its own location.

Last year was the team's first year designing driverless software. Unfortunately, the team was not ready to race in the driverless competitions by the end of the year. This year our team's main tasks were to fix the bugs left from last year's implementation and update the algorithms to improve performance.

We would have competed with the car in California, Germany, and Spain this summer, but these events have all been canceled due to COVID-19. For more details about our project, please visit our website at: - or use the link below in the Artifacts section.

Our code is on GFR's private repository so we cannot share it here. For any questions or access to the code base, contact any of us with the emails listed below.

Monica Holliday:

Mitchell Schenk:

Yuchen Wen:

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Mitchell Schenk
Monica Holliday
Yuchen Wen
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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Undergraduate Project
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Winter Term Demo Video
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