Project Description: 

Our iOS application helps parents measure their baby without having to put a tape measure on him/her. To measure height, they only have to touch two points on a camera feed, one at a baby’s head and the other at its feet; then, the app will measure distance and report the value.

Furthermore, if they create a profile for their baby, they can store its name, birth of date, birth height, and future measurements. They can also view its growth over time in a line chart, which features two other lines for comparison with standard growth charts from the World Health Organization. The two other lines indicate the 1st percentile and the 99th percentile which represents the smallest of children and the largest of children in terms of height. All data is pulled straight from the World Health Organization’s child standards growth charts.

Lastly, those who prefer text can visit the health information page for a quick and easy summary of their baby’s name, sex, birth height, growth, and age at a specific measurement. A picker wheel that displays the measurements taken in a chronological order allows for ease of finding the desired date/measurement.

Parents with multiple children will be glad to know the app supports profiles! They can create profiles in seconds. To take measurements or view data for a specific profile, they just have to select it on the home page. Data is stored locally on the individual’s phone for the security of personal information.

Tying everything together is a user interface that makes switching between the profile, camera, chart, and health information views highly seamless and easy. Measuring a baby won’t take parents more than 15 seconds! Our application uses Apple’s augmented reality framework (ARKit) and in particular its world tracking capabilities to measure a baby’s height. Daniel Gindi’s iOS charting library supported the comparative line chart that is provided.

Project Team Member(s): 
Aaron Leenknecht
Aidan Grimshaw
Khoa Tran
College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Undergraduate Project
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