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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Kyle Winney, Oliver Lemely, Jiaming Zhu, Fernando Medrano-Ruvalcaba and Ryan Stallings
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Located approximately 2 miles Northwest of Bend, Oregon, the intersection of U.S. Highway 20 and Old Bend-Redmond highway is set to undergo an intersection redesign.

In the design of the intersection, the goals were to improve mobility and crash severity, accommodate overlong vehicles, create a design that is aesthetically pleasing, and create facilities that allow pedestrians to cross the intersection safely.

The new design features a roundabout with a 220ft inscribed diameter. This will provide room for two 15ft lanes and 2ft shoulders with 10ft truck aprons placed on the north-south approach of Old Bend Redmond Road and a 10ft truck apron on the inside truncated dome of the roundabout. The design will have splitter islands designed to meet ODOT specifications and tie into the pedestrian infrastructure.  The road will be superelevated to 2% to provide adequate drainage and the roundabout will be placed level with minimal cut and fill on the approaches to tie into the new design.

The design solution features a ten-foot-wide multi-use path surrounding the intersection, with pedestrian crossings at each of the four splitter islands. These splitter islands adhere to ODOT recommended dimensions, with crossings perpendicular to the direction of traffic. Bicycle ramps are also provided on the minor legs, allowing bicyclists to enter the multi-use path approximately 165 feet prior to the entrance of the intersection. On the US20 legs, end of walk curb ramps are provided to accommodate bicyclists traveling along the highway.

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