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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Aleksander Husseini, Kenneth Shaffery, Keely Creel, Ivan Ho and Trevor DeFord
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The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has decided to redesign the intersection of US 20 and the Old Bend-Redmond Highway (OBRH) due to safety concerns and increasing traffic volume trends. US 20 is a primary corridor between the Bend and Tumalo areas that is expected to experience an increase in the quantity of traffic crashes and injuries. ODOT has asked OBR6 to create a design that will increase the overall safety and efficiency of the OBRH and US 20 intersection. The objective of this redesign project is to provide the safest, cost effective solution while maintaining the required level of service. To achieve these requirements, OBR6 will provide engineering calculations and requirements for all transportation, water resource, and geotechnical concerns. The transportation engineering discipline will provide intersection geometry, traffic analysis, and signage. Water use, diversion, and treatment will be designed by the water resource engineering discipline. The geotechnical engineer will provide the existing and required geotechnical properties of subbase materials.

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