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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Logan Byorum, Ryan OIson, Charles Hyatt, Foster Kirsch and Sophia Schmiedt
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The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has hired Team OBR4 to improve the safety of the intersection between US–20 and Old Bend–Redmond Highway (OBRH). Located approximately one mile northwest of Bend (Figure 1), this intersection experiences a high volume of traffic traveling through central Oregon. Merging and crossing on US-20 is currently hazardous due to high vehicle speeds. The implementation of a traffic signal was determined to be the most sensible examined alternative and would allow traffic from the OBRH to cross lanes of travel with protected turns. Ultimately, this alternative provides the best balance between the three most important goals and objectives (safety, cost, and efficiency).

To promote the achievement of the team’s goals and objectives in designing this signalized intersection, the transportation engineering aspect of the project will involve the determination of appropriate phases, the designation of practical geometric roadway configurations, the selection of pavement designs, and the implementation of lighting and signage systems. The water resources aspect of the project will involve the analysis of water flow off the roadway and minimizing dangerously slick roadway conditions. This will be done through the implementation of a bioswale and will include the removal of hazardous materials.

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