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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Charlie Jenck, Ashley Ulberg, Zachary Ekholm, Alexandre Romanino, Tyler Bobbett and Ryan Moritz
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PS1 was tasked with the design of the St. Helens Public Safety Building.  The construction of the St. Helens Public Safety Building will meet the growing needs of the
community by establishing a new emergency response facility. The new building will improve preparedness for natural disaster response, eliminate overcrowding, and house jury deliberations. The main goals of this project are to create a structurally efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly building. The proper sizing of members and employing value engineering principles will ensure a cost effective and safe structural design. Wall systems for this project will function structurally against exterior threats, while still appropriately handling moisture to ensure a secure and durable wall. Evaluation of the soil and design of proper footings will provide support to the structure above. Security will be a major focus of this project due to the sensitive information that will be contained within this building. Sustainability will also be a major focus of the project because the building will be publicly funded. Materials will be chosen based on minimizing carbon footprint, integrating passive design principles, and achieving ASHRAE Standard 90.1 compliance. Water handling will be provided through onsite treatment, therefore avoiding the existing wetlands and minimizing environmental impacts.

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