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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Ines Pitari, David Regan, Amy Kellogg, Daniel Smotkin, Emily Davis and Cameron Handley
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The overarching scope of this project is to accurately design the Public Safety Building located in St. Helen’s, Oregon. The current Public Safety Building is in dire need of a seismic renovation as well as increased security infrastructure. For these reasons, the updated Public Safety Building will be designed with a high level of safety and community satisfaction in mind, with the main objective of the design focusing on sustainability and locally sourced materials. The new design is aimed to satisfy the previously mentioned requirements set forth by the City of St. Helen’s as well as the people of St. Helen’s who will utilize the building for everyday needs. Furthermore, the engineering team is a major stakeholder in this design as they must successfully meet all of the client’s requests. As a whole, the engineering team will focus on structural design, water resources management, lighting design, and building envelope design. The structural design will include both the gravity and lateral resistance systems as well as the foundation system. The water resources design will include a detailed stormwater management plan which will discuss the best options regarding water detainment and dispersion. The lighting design will focus on ambiance and aesthetic of three main rooms as they will be the most frequently occupied by the public. These rooms include the lobby, council chambers, and conference room. Finally, the building envelope design will focus on the outer aesthetic of the building as well as building insulation and waterproofing. Overall, the building will be designed to host the entirety of the St. Helen’s police department, appropriate armory, classified evidence, and a welcoming lobby area. The PS3 team is devoted to designing the Public Safety Building to the highest standards possible while ensuring a cohesive design that will last many years and require minimal upkeep or maintenance. 

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