Drone Photo of Levens and Ellendale Intersection
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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Liam Murphy, Zakary Hankins, Riley McAdams, Cade Yoshimura and Sean Freitag
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The redesign of the intersection of West Ellendale Avenue and Southwest Levens Street in Dallas, Oregon was assigned to the engineering team of Lead Innovator Operating Network (L.I.O.N.) Engineering. This team was required to address the various problems identified for this project area by the Dallas Transportation System Plan, the largest of which included: unacceptable levels of traffic congestion and queue times during peak hours; absence of appropriate pedestrian accommodations despite neighboring an elementary school and retirement village; and inadequate stormwater infrastructure and management plans. To address each of these concerns, the engineering team divided the project between transportation and water resources-focused groups. Each group worked within the Oregon Department of Transportation and City of Dallas’s standards and requirements for minor arterial roadway design in order to ensure that the proposed design was satisfactory and safe for both the current and future population of the City of Dallas.

The team at L.I.O.N. Engineering has proposed a signalized intersection that features a dual-mast signal pole and improved signage and striping to help facilitate vehicle movement and reduce congestion. The use of a signalized design will allow the project area to meet level of service and volume-to-capacity requirements for both current and future estimate levels of peak hour traffic. This redesign also includes the addition of three crosswalks, six ADA compliant curb ramps, and the extension of an existing bike lane to accommodate both pedestrians and bicyclists. For the addition of these features, the current sections of each street will be expanded to meet the City of Dallas standards for minor arterial streets which require an eighty-foot-wide Right-of-Way and a fifty-foot-wide roadway. Because this expansion increases the impervious area of the site, additional stormwater management infrastructure will be necessary. For this purpose, the team has proposed the removal of existing catch basins in favor of four new CG-2 style catch basins that will be routed into a newly constructed storm line, one which re-enters the existing stormwater infrastructure system at the east end of the project site. Ultimately, this redesign meets all objectives of the project and should improve the traffic flow, safety, and stormwater management of the Levens and Ellendale intersection. 

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