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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Jessica McCauley, Samuel McKay, Jason Blanco Lila, Hunter Jackson and Dane Hyatt
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The Public Safety Building project is a public building contract to design a combined police station and city office in St. Helens, Oregon. The client requests adequate detention, storage, and training space for their police precinct and for city officials, documents, and council meetings that will be open to the public. This team’s goals for the project are that the site be resilient through natural disasters, be safe for the public and police purposes, and be environmentally sustainable. This project will include the water resource, structural, lighting, and building envelope disciplines. Objectives for the Public Safety Building
include protecting the surrounding ecosystem with proper stormwater management and grading, designing a resilient and robust structure and envelope in case of flooding and seismic activity, and incorporating thermally efficient and redundant lighting and envelope systems.

The final design incorporates these objectives based on the discipline. Water resources uses a detention pond for its constructability and minimal impact to the environment. The gravity resisting system uses a steel framing system for its sustainability and compatibility with the rest of the structure. The lateral resisting system uses CMU shear walls for their resilience. The envelope design uses an EPDM membrane as a roof material due its low dead weight and durability, both particularly desirable in the face of natural disasters. The lighting design place an emphasis on natural lighting in the structure with the use of sawtooth skylights and interior windows, while also providing alternative lighting systems that allow lighting that fits in with occupants' circadian rhythms.

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