An image of the reactor in use

College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering

Garrett DuBow, Kayla Carlson, Shelby Surprenant, Nicholas Cruz, Matthew Graves, Bianca Hansen, Alex Zhen, Annika Czeck, Madeline Pasche, Animesh Patel, Brisa Sabel and Brenden Pollard

Project Description: 

Come check out our community oriented solution to a big chunk of the plastic waste problem, which is inundating the globe at an exponentially growing rate. Our reactor, lovingly dubbed the Niblerator, was originally made by a former undergraduate student in 2019. Since then we've been fine tuning our run parameters to consistently produce a diesel-like fuel from polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene (HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE).  Now that our process has been fine tuned, we're in the middle of scaling up our reactor to better service coastal and agricultural communities across the globe.

Here's a brief intro video for our project.
Come see our reactor in this video, which is filmed by Brisa Sabel, while Nick Cruz talks you through a typical run. In order of appearance: the video stars Animesh Ish Nilesh Patel, Kayla Ann Carlson, and Matthew Owen Graves.
Meet our team!

Industry Sponsor(s): 
Ocean Plastics Recovery Project
Clean Oceans International

Project Communication Piece(s): 
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