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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Samantha Mursuli, Theresia Wellung, Gabriela Velazquez and Jenya Lebid

Project Description: 

The Holiday App project is based on creating an application that will boost the overall sales of Christmas tree lot vendors and bring back the holiday spirit to shoppers! The product of this project so far is an iOS version app that is built using swift code and launched on the App store. This application is not exclusive to one area but is rather being created to be accessible to all Christmas tree vendors from all places across the country. The overall purpose of this application is for users to find the nearest tree lot, and purchase their perfect tree. This is done with the application’s map feature where information is pulled from our Firebase database and displayed on the user’s phone. This allows them to choose from various local mom-and-pop tree vendors. The application provides amazing features to help the user determine the perfect tree as well. 

Using Swift and Reality Kit, the Augmented Reality on the application allows users to place a tree anywhere in their home, and size their tree according to what best fits their location. This in turn lets the user know what is the best height for their tree, which as a result makes picking the perfect tree all the easier. Once the user is done choosing their ideal tree, they have the opportunity to take a quick picture of the tree and share it on social media for their friends and family to see. The user also has the option to continue to learn more about useful information on tree care and disposal. In addition to these useful tools, our application also has a Christmas countdown clock so you’ll always be aware of how many days you have left to go out and buy a tree.  All things considered, our application is a useful tool for everyday people to utilize during the holiday season to find their perfect tree all while also being able to support local Christmas tree vendors.

A shark tank demo of The Holiday App Project
A demo of The Holiday App (iOS version)

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