College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Kyle Rosenau, Matthew Alonso, Ying Li and Vinh Nguyen

Project Description: 

Draw and Play Video Game is a project that was first presented to us by Scott Fairbanks. It is an IOS app that allows a user to draw a picture of a simple maze game on paper with a circle representing a ball that they can move around, an ‘X’ representing a goal, and lines representing walls that the ball will need to get around. The user will then take a picture of the drawing using our app and the app will create a level based on that picture using image processing to match the pixels in the pictures to objects in the game and decide what the user wanted in those specific spots. The app will also style the level in a fun and interactive way with clouds as walls, a colorful ball, and a prominent goal.  It will then let the user move the ball around by tilting the phone and trying to move it towards the goal. Our project partner, Scott, has told us that he would like this to be an app that he could give to a child and have them be able to use it. We also want to appeal to a wider range of users so that teens and adults can use our app.  Therefore, our intent has been to make this app as simple and easy as possible for the user so that they can focus on being creative and having fun with the game.

This project is the first group of hopefully many working on this project in the future. We completed many large portions of this project and definitely have the base game made. We hope that future teams will be able to improve upon our app to make it even more interesting by adding additional functionality and be able to release it for public use.

Project Video (Introduction 0:00 - 0:35 | High Level Explanation 0:36 - 2:30 | Demo 2:31 - 5:25)

Project Communication Piece(s): 
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