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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Sowmya Jujjuri, Evan Medinger, Joelle Perez and Xindi Guo

Project Description: 

Winner of the Industry Choice First Place Award


We built software that makes it easier and less expensive for videographers to shoot virtual studio scenes. 


With advancements in virtual reality technology, high-end movie productions like Walt Disney Studios have started to use computer software to develop virtual shooting scenes for their movies. The software used in the industry tends to be expensive and requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Therefore, Michael Premi from Intel asked us to develop a video production system, based on the Unreal Engine, that is low-cost and user-friendly but still powerful enough for users to shoot professional-level videos. Some of the existing alternatives to our solution are the in-camera VFX library in the Unreal Engine and the Matterport camera, which is a 3D camera used to create realistic environments in films.


We built software that makes it easier and more inexpensive for people to shoot professional-level videos. The main purpose of this project is to allow anybody with a computer (Minimum specifications: GTX 970 and R9 390 Graphics Card) and a smartphone (or a camera) to create a virtual video studio. To achieve this purpose, we developed an instruction set for users to easily follow and understand their goals. 

Required Materials

  • Background filter for presentations
  • Small scale cinematography studio

Tutorial Video to setup a Virtual Video Studio in your own room/office/studio.
Demo of Virtual Video Studio with credits.

Industry Sponsor(s): 
Mike Premi

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