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College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Quan Nguyen, YanYan Lee, Martin Escoto and Hoang Nguyen

Project Description: 

Currently, Oregon State University Computer Science students have to apply to their Applied Focus using paper and email, and advisors have no easy ways to keep track of all students' applications. OSU CS Applied Plan Portal is a web application that streamlines that cumbersome process. It helps students to easily create, edit, and submit their applied plans. Advisors can also quickly manage their students' applications, making comments, approve, or reject plans just by a few clicks using our modern-looking, intuitive portal.

Much of the larger functionality of the application was completed by the previous capstone team. However, our project partner tasked us with a few key features that the app must have before it can be considered complete. These tasks were: responsive mobile view, email notifications, and FERPA compliance. Firstly, though the application has a substantial desktop application, there was no support for viewing the application on mobile devices. Our project partner tasked us with applying responsive styling so that the application can be easily viewed and used on most mobile devices, including tablets. Secondly, we were tasked with integrating email notifications. These notifications would occur when a plan received a new status, or if a comment was left by the advisor or student on a plan. This would allow for quick communication between advisors and students. And lastly, our project partner tasked our team with making sure our application was FERPA compliant. In short, FERPA compliance mandates many regulations that insure students data and privacy are maintained. This was essential if our team hopes to have our application taken over by Oregon State University for future use by students and advisors.

Application demo. In this video, we will walkthrough the main functionalities of our application