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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Jie Li, Liansong Gao, Naisen Xu, Xiaoyu Wu and Yunqiao Cai

Project Description: 

This project aims to curb the uploads of student assignments and exams to websites like chegg. To facilitate this, a canvas LTI app and server will be developed. The LTI app will watermark the PDF file the student intends to download with the student's information and school logo, thus making it more difficult to simply screenshot or copy-paste assignments.

In this project, we used Python as the core programming language. We utilized the library PyPDF2 which allows us to create and merge our watermark PDF with the original file the student intends to download. The created watermark PDF contains personal information about the student like Name, Canvas ID, course ID, school name, student ID number, etc. The merged PDF file with watermark can then be downloaded by the student.

In general, our application will be able to connect the canvas and read console to capture the student's personal information while they click the download link of the pdf. Then our application will receive and watermark the pdf with an image generated from student identifying info which also includes the school logo. What students finally download is the new pdf generated by our application with those watermark information.

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