Blockchain Technology for Oregon Wines

College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Alexander Smith, Michael Payne, Sonia Camacho and Yue Xu

Project Description: 

We are using blockchain technology to create a distributed ledger for tracking Oregon wines in an attempt to reduce wine fraud and reimagine the wine buying experience.

The security provided by a distributed ledger will allow us to create authentic chains of custody for each bottle of wine, tracking each bottle as it goes from the vine to your kitchen table. Our goal is to create a system that collects wine information from different wineries and stores that information in this ledger. Users will interface with this distributed ledger by scanning a QR code that will be printed onto the label of their bottle. This project also includes a prototype for a rebate system that customers can use to get money back from the wineries when they purchase a bottle of wine from them. It is our hope that a future team will be able to take this prototype that we have built and expand upon it into a full-fledged rebate system. We believe that our work will help facilitate interaction between the wineries and their customers by creating a secure and trustworthy system that both parties can rely on to ensure the greatest wine buying experience.

We would also like to give special thanks to our project partner, Jim Cupples, who originally came to us with this project idea. Together, with his insights and our technical expertise, we were able to create this project.

Demo Video for Blockchain for Oregon Wines Project

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