College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Bryce Albertazzi, Victor Campa and Travis Shands

Project Description: 

BeavDMS is a document management system (DMS) designed to provide a place for OSU students and faculty to store their work. Users interact with BeavDMS by sending emails with the proper formatting which is specified on the website. When an email is successfully processed, the result shows up on the website at This email based document management system is a great place for students to store work and show it off to future students, potential employers and other people of interest. The implementation for this project is very unique in that users interact with BeavDMS mostly by sending emails. BeavDMS can be deployed almost anywhere without an internet connection. Right now the website is only a place to view documents and projects created by email. BeavDMS can be used by an employer who wants to see work their candidate has done, a professor who wants a place to organize their students work and much more. Anybody can view our website ( and send an email to BeavDMS to store a file or any project they have done. We hope that BeavDMS will turn out to be a useful tool in the OSU community and continue to progress for years to come.

Project Website(s):