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College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Fan Yu, Xinwei Lin, Sibai Lou and Brain Mulch

Project Description: 

Our project will help drivers to reach their destination safely. The goal of our project, as its name indicates directly, is to warn drivers when they are about to cross a road when the traffic light is red. We can notice that nowadays, a few numbers of drivers ignore the red light at some crossing and violate red lights; some of them simply because they are impatient to wait for a minute or two to save time. This phenomenon, however, is considered to be very risky because it caused a lot of traffic accidents, injuring, or even killing pedestrians. Under a lot of times, those people are just not aware of the potential danger. If given proper warning of the red light signal, most of them will stop doing this. Thus, we develop an app to help them.

The project is an Android-based app. The app will let users know information about traffic signals and their current speed when they are driving. It will display the driver's coordinates, location, speed and the closest traffic signal. If a driver is driving too fast near a red light traffic signal, the app will have the alarm sound to reminder the driver to slow down. We built this app with Traffic Technology Services (TTS), they provide their server and GPS information that we used in this project. We hope this app will help drivers when they drive on-road and reach their destination safely.

Drive to a red light traffic signal at a slow speed
Drive to a red light traffic signal at fast speed and the App give the warning alarm
Drive through a green traffic signal

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