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College of Engineering Unit(s): 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Cameron Grein, Alex Taylor and Bandy Linn

Project Description: 

With Covid-19 lockdowns, many colleges have transitioned to remote zoom-based lectures for their classes in our current world. Due to this, for many classes, unproctored exams are occurring in many classes. There are many students who cheat on their homework with websites like and other websites. Even worse, some students are cheating on their exams using illicit materials from the internet. This provides an issue for students providing academic integrity in their classes. Our project seeks to solve this issue of students cheating on exams and homework. It is not by directly confronting them on an exam or homework, but by eliminating and finding sites containing class materials.

Instructors will be able to input a question or keywords into our program. The program will then automatically look for websites that contain the input that the instructor made. The instructor can then look at the logs built into the program to view websites containing course materials. They can then contact the websites themselves to get their materials removed from the internet. Our project is much needed today. It will provide instructors an easy way to find materials on the internet that contain class materials. Sometimes, these class materials can be hidden behind paywalls on websites like Chegg. Though we were unable to finish it before the project deadline, another module will scan Chegg. This will allow professors to view their class materials beyond the forced paywall that exists on Chegg. Chegg is a problematic website to detect content due to the antibot. Our future module will use a bypass that will allow us to scan the website, completely bypassing the protections that they have in place.

Our application will give instructors an easy way to find websites with class materials. Hopefully, this will allow more academic integrity in university.