Yeongjin Jang
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Assistant Professor
Award Description: 

The Austin-Paul Engineering Faculty Award recognizes faculty who develop student relationships in which they lead, encourage, and stimulate students in the pursuit of creative and innovative engineering ideas. 

From Dr. Jang's nomination letters:

"Dr. Jang’s motto in mentoring students in the classroom, in the lab, and outside can be summed up as follows: that our Oregon State students deserve the best education and learning opportunities and that they should see themselves as being as capable as students from anywhere else in the world. Towards this goal, he gives his time and effort selflessly to students inside and outside the classroom. Through his tireless efforts he inspires and empowers our students to aim high. As a student described, “Yeongjin is absolutely one of the best Professors I have ever had the fortune of taking. His curriculum is meticulous and approachable, despite being incredibly challenging. I found myself accomplishing things I did not believe I could. Yeongjin is more than an amazing professor, he is also incredibly personable and is a friend to his students.”