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From faculty lectures to student project presentations, each year the College offers a host of programs that are free and open to the public.

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V John Mathews

2022 Virtual Lecture: V John Mathews

"Neuroprostheses for Amputees and Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries" presented by V John Mathews, Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Recent technological innovations such as functional neuro-muscular stimulation (FNS) offer considerable benefits to paralyzed individuals. FNS can produce movement in paralyzed muscles by the application of electrical stimuli to the nerves innervating the muscles. 

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Ted Brekken

2022 Virtual Lecture: Ted Brekken

"Earthquake Resilience of the Electrical Grid" presented by Ted Brekken, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering. A Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake will cause widespread devastation across the U.S. Pacific Northwest. This presentation covers how earthquakes impact the grid and what mitigations can be applied.

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Qiao Wu

2022 Virtual Lecture: Qiao Wu

"NuScale Integral System Testing Program at Oregon State University" presented by Qiao Wu, Professor, Nuclear Science and Engineering. This lecture covers the NuScale Integral System Testing Program at Oregon State University in the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering. A brief introduction will be provided about the Oregon State University Nuclear Science and Engineering Reactor Thermal Hydraulics research programs that established the fertile foundation for the start-up of NuScale. 

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Margaret Burnett

2022 Virtual Lecture: Margaret Burnett

"Doing Inclusive Design: From GenderMag to InclusiveMag" presented by Margaret Burnett, Distinguished Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. How can technology professionals assess whether their technology supports diverse users? And if they find problems, how can they fix them? Although there are empirical processes that can be used to find “inclusivity bugs” piecemeal, what is also needed is a systematic method to assess technology’s support for diverse populations.

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Kagan Tumer

2022 Virtual Lecture: Kagan Tumer

"Long-Term Autonomy: Learning What Matters When" presented by Kagan Tumer, Professor of Robotics, College of Engineering. AI systems face unique challenges when deployed in open-ended, long-term real-world tasks. Unlike games like chess, real world problems do not have a well-defined concept of "win," nor do they always have a clear "end" of the task. In this talk, we'll discuss how long term autonomy requires a new paradigm, one focused on determining "what matters when" rather than how best to achieve a narrow task.

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David Hill

2022 Virtual Lecture: David Hill

"Crowd-Sourcing Snow: The Value of Community Science for Oregon’s Water Resources" presented by David Hill, Professor, Civil and Construction Engineering. Water and snow are incredible natural resources in the Pacific Northwest, contributing to recreation, water supply, and ecosystem services. We are fortunate to have a breathtaking array of sources of information on water and snowpack, both long-term and short-term. This talk will focus first on snow, the many ways that we learn about our snowpack, and just what exactly is changing, and by how much. 

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Christopher Daly

2022 Virtual Lecture: Christopher Daly

"Climate through a PRISM: Exploring the Spatial Patterns of Climate Across the United States" presented by Christopher Daly, Research Professor, School of Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering. Climate dictates so much of what we experience in our lives - the landscapes we encounter, the food we grow, the clothes we wear. The United States happens to be home to a rich diversity of climates. From the mountains and deserts of the West, to the humid southeast, and all points in between, the spatial patterns of climate in our country are fascinating to see and study. A computerized climate mapping system that allows us to visualize and quantify these patterns is called PRISM. 

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Chih-Hing Chang

2022 Virtual Lecture: Chih-Hung Chang

"Learning About Energy: The Fun Journey of a Chemical Engineer" presented by Chih-Hung Chang, Professor, Chemical Engineering. Energy is essential for our daily life; it is always at work. Energy manifests itself in all things via multitudinous forms. Our ability to control energy flow, including energy conversion, transmission, and storage, shapes the wellbeing of humanity. Chemical engineers play a vital role in the energy industry, including producing chemical and biological fuels, converting wastes to fuels, and designing energy storage systems to improving energy efficiency. This lecture will share a personal journey of exploring the energy universe as a chemical engineering faculty member at Oregon State University via teaching, research, and innovation activities.            

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Camille Palmer

2022 Virtual Lecture: Camille Palmer

"Reducing Global Nuclear Threats – OSU’s Role in Nuclear Nonproliferation" presented by Camille Palmer, Associate Professor, Nuclear Science and Engineering. While the number of nuclear weapons has drastically reduced since the Cold War, the threat of a nuclear detonation remains a viable and concerning prospect. Several collaborative and interdisciplinary projects at OSU are actively addressing the prevention of nuclear terrorism and proliferation of nuclear weapons. The disciplines of robotics, analytical chemistry, nuclear science, and policy integrate to help reduce the possibility of nuclear material diversion for non-peaceful uses by state and non-state actors.  

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Engineering Expo

2022 Engineering Virtual Expo

See more than 200 student projects that use science and technology to take on some of the world’s biggest problems. Experience the depth and breadth of engineering talent and ingenuity at Oregon State University. Featuring virtual project display pages created by each 2022 Expo student team, as well as a listing of teams that received Industry Choice awards at the in-person event. 

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Celebration of Women in Engineering

2022 Celebration of Women in Engineering

Featuring presentations from three distinguished alumnae, each Oregon Stater award recipients, about the journeys that led them into their successful careers. 

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2021 Virtual Lecture: Tyler Radniecki and Christine Kelly

"Tracking COVID-19 Through the Sewers: From Theory to State-wide Implementation in Under Four Months" by Tyler Radniecki, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering; and Christine Kelly, Professor of Bioengineering. In this presentation, Radniecki and Kelly discuss the wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) journey from a small research project to a state-wide surveillance program in cooperation with the Oregon Health Authority, OSU’s TRACE program, and wastewater utilities across the state.   

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2021 Virtual Lecture: San Francisco’s Chinatown Through the Lens of Dick Evans

Following his award-winning book on San Francisco’s Mission District, Oregon State University alumnus Dick Evans (‘69 B.S. Industrial Engineering) turns his attention to Chinatown, the fifth of a square mile that attracts more tourists than the Golden Gate Bridge but where the median household income is a quarter of the citywide average. 

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2021 Virtual Lecture: Robert L. Bertini

"Perspectives on the Future of Transportation: Data and Connectivity as Enablers" by Robert L. Bertini, School Head and Professor, Civil and Construction Engineering. Technological advances have always defined the evolution of our transportation system. Think about how and why you travel: how will advances in automation, information, and communications change, improve, or substitute for mobility? We will discuss the reasons for travel, the impacts of our travel, and consider the advancements that will change the way we think about transportation in our society.

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2021 Virtual Lecture: Meghna Babbar-Sebens

"Climate Change Resilience: A Case for Human-Machine Collaboration in Solving Humanity’s Most Urgent Threat" presented by Meghna Babbar-Sebens, Associate Professor of Water Resources Engineering. In this presentation, Babbar-Sebens examines whether a collaboration between humans and machines could create new ways for communities to create solutions for this intractable problem. 

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2021 Virtual Lecture: Lewis Semprini

"A Treatment System for Groundwater Contamination — How Research at Oregon State University is Contributing to Sustainable and Passive Remediation Methods" presented by Lewis Semprini, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Engineering. Contamination of groundwater by volatile organic compounds is a widespread problem throughout the United States. Complex mixtures of chlorinated solvents and emerging contaminants such as 1,4-dioxane are of increasing concern. This talk discusses ongoing research at Oregon State University to develop more sustainable and passive remediation methods.

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2021 State of the College

Hosted by Scott Ashford, Kearney Dean of Engineering. Learn about recent developments happening across the College of Engineering.

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2021 Oregon Stater Engineering Hall of Fame Award Ceremony

The Oregon Stater Awards celebrate achievement at the frontiers of engineering and its profound impact on the profession and our world. The 2020 Oregon Stater Awards virtual program honored the Engineering Hall of Fame Award recipient: Anton Thomas Skoro, ’81 B.S. Construction Engineering Management.

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Expo logo

2021 Engineering Virtual Expo

Featuring student capstone design projects focused on a broad range of areas including artificial intelligence, clean water, health, natural disaster preparedness, robotics, sustainable energy, and virtual reality. Keynote presentation by astronaut Ellen Ochoa, first Latina in space and former Johnson Space Center director.

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2021 Dean's Distinguished Lecture: Reginald DesRoches

“The 2010 Haiti Earthquake: A Story of History, Race, Inequities, and Natural Hazards” presented by Reginald DesRoches, Provost, Rice University. DesRoches discusses the historical seeds of this unprecedented disaster and illustrates how the earthquake reveals that history is not confined to the past, but continues to influence the lives of Haitians today.

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2021 Clean Water Virtual Conference

The Oregon State Clean Water Conference brings together scholars and stakeholders from diverse disciplines whose work is directed toward maintaining, preserving, and improving clean and sustainable sources of water for human and ecosystem use. 

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2021 Celebration of Women in Engineering

In recognition of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, this virtual conference celebrates the achievements of College of Engineering faculty and alumnae. Featuring the premiere of the "Rooted in Community" mini documentary.

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